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Facility assessment and optimisation

Are you exploiting the potential of your waste to the full? Do you know what your waste is currently worth? Do you need to have waste management expertise and personnel to hand? At neowa GmbH, we assess your facility according to a range of specialised technical criteria and show you how it can be optimised.

Risk assessment

Approaching this topic using the specialised support and advice provided by neowa is a logical step towards minimising your dependence on service providers, such as logistics partners and waste disposal companies.

Comissioning and startup

neowa GmbH is an industrial solution provider for recycling plant operators. neowa transforms waste flows into value-creating recycling processes. We design waste. Environmentally friendly applications characterised by sustainability form the core of value creation.

Product responsibility

Regarding product responsibility,
Section 23 of the German KrWG (Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act) states the following: “Whosoever develops, manufactures, processes or distributes a product, bears responsibility for this product…” This entity is responsible for the environmentally compatible processing of all the materials used. In this respect, fibreglass places a particularly large responsibility on the shoulders of its manufacturers and distributors. The irritant effects of this material require extreme care to be taken during the recycling process - and to use additional safeguards. We at neowa put great effort into ensuring our processes comply with this duty to take particular care and ensure that we implemented it accordingly.

Environmentally friendly,
economical recycling

Processing waste where it is produced saves time,
transport costs and money. And produces less CO2.

neowa affiliated company wins environmental honour GreenTec Award in Berlin

Berlin - International award for environmentally compatible process for GRP recycling for the affiliated company neocomp GmbH.

On 12th May 2017, neocomp GmbH has received the GreenTec Award in the category “Recycling & Resources by Veolia” in Berlin for their method in processing glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The managing directors of neocomp GmbH Hans-Dieter Wilcken and Frank J. Kroll received the award.

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Patented process for recycling
glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP)

neowa GmbH plans, implements and operates waste management plants.


neowa plans, builds and operates waste management facilities right there where they are needed – at the production site where the waste is produced. That saves time, transport costs and money – and there are fewer CO2 emissions to contaminate the environment. 

Do you have a specific volume of waste that you would like to recycle?
Then please contact us! We will then work with you to find the best solution.

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Planning, construction and operation of a processing plant for fibre rejects from a paper factory, which are accrued in addition to light dirt and broke.


Since 2015, neocomp GmbH has been running a recycling plant for recycling fibre composite waste materials – the only of its kind in Germany – with an annual volume of up to 30,000 t.

fibreglass recycling

The Fibreglass Recycling Europe brand stands for the collection, transport and residue-free recycling of GRP waste.


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