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neowa GmbH was founded in November 2014 and commenced operations on 2 January 2015. neowa moved into offices in Lüneburg where we started to develop our business activities according to our company’s guiding principle: “We design waste”…

One of the first activities we embarked upon that was to have a major impact on future developments was setting up the neocomp GmbH joint venture in Bremen in 2015 in which neowa collaborates with the Nehlsen Group in the running of a fibre composite waste processing operation. For neowa GmbH, managing this operation means that we now organise and are responsible for the intake of GRP waste from the production and dismantling of wind turbines - as well as for processing rejects from the paper industry amounting to a total volume of around 65,000 tons p.a. The “Fibreglass Recycling Europe” web platform was launched simultaneously. Meanwhile, this platform has become an established communication channel.  

Parallel to this - during the period from 2015 to 2018, neowa GmbH worked hand-in-hand with Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel GmbH & Co. KG in Varel on the planning and realisation of a waste material processing plant and getting this set up and running. As a result of these activities, neova now sells the energy pellets produced in this plant to Sweden, Denmark and within Germany.

Since 2015, we at neowa have been exploiting our process technology know-how to process selected material flows in such a way as to allow these materials to be utilised in a range of different industries as a substitute for raw materials which are now becoming increasingly scarce.

In 2017, the material and thermal recycling of fibre composite waste resulting from the dismantling of wind turbines in the cement-processing industry was recognised for excellence through being presented with the European “GreenTec Award”.

Meanwhile, neowa GmbH and its affiliated company, neocomp GmbH, employs a total of 16 members of staff with a profitable business volume to the value of 15 Mio €.

We design waste

Ideen für mehr Nachhaltigkeit.

© GreenTechAward - Hans-Dieter Wilcken (Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG)
und Frank J. Kroll (neowa GmbH)





Berlin - International award for environmentally compatible process for GRP
recycling for the affiliated company neocomp GmbH.

On 12th May 2017, neocomp GmbH has received the GreenTec Award in the category “Recycling & Resources by Veolia” in Berlin for their method in processing glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP). The managing directors of neocomp GmbH Hans-Dieter Wilcken and Frank J. Kroll received the award.

“We are very proud that we were able to convince the jury with our innovative concept,” said Frank J. Kroll expressing his pleasure about the award and the appreciation of the many years of development work.

neocomp GmbH is an affiliated company of neowa GmbH, domiciled in the German town of Lüneburg,  as well as of Nehlsen GmbH & Co. KG, and has its headquarters in Bremen.

The new process permits an environmentally compatible and economical recovery of GRP in a so-called zero-waste process. The materials produced in the process are recycled thermally and materially completely in the production of cement. Moreover, the use of materials from downstream industries is possible as well. In this way a closed sustainable recycling circuit is ensured. Every year, neocomp GmbH recycles 30,000 tons of waste in the Bremen-based plant.

Since 2008, projects in environment and resource protection in a total of fifteen categories are honoured with the GreenTec Award during the worldwide largest environment and economy award ceremony. An interdisciplinary jury with more than seventy representatives from economy, science, associations and media decide on the nominees and winners of the awards. The jury chose this year’s award winners from the three best projects in each category.

From startup
to market leader


The increasing number of (legitimate) demands for truly intelligent and resource-saving methods of guaranteeing that fibre composite waste undergoes a genuine recycling process - coupled with the knowledge that incineration is not a particularly smart method of disposal - is driving our development efforts.

The socio-political debate on the climate and responsibility is further pushing technological fantasies and will dominate the near future for all of us.

We at neowa GmbH and neocomp GmbH (our most important participation) are prepared to continue to face up to our responsibility and are gradually developing our expertise as a solution provider and waste management plant operator. Capital investments, continuing to amass process technology expertise, internationalisation and location development are going to be at the centre of our focus in the years to come.

The potential inherent to recycling and “smart disposal” in terms of economic efficiency, sustainability and responsibility for resources will be mutually exploited by neowa and neocomp through dismantling wind turbines, transforming material flows into saleable by-products and operating waste management plants.


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