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The neocomp Project


Establishment of a company that is 100 % devoted to sustainable recycling of fibre composites. The group of fibre composite waste includes GRP production waste and GRP end-of-life waste, for example such as rotor blades.

The aim of the company is moreover the sustainable development and servicing of the market for fibre composite waste recycling and of the customers identified here.



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The company is to set up and manage the operation of a processing plant, a nationwide capture logistics
and a real take-back system.


This project is based upon a unique recycling process. The fibre composite waste is processed here into a medium-calorific substitute fuel (fuel and raw material) together with other suitable waste (e.g. reject substances). This substitute fuel can be used for example in cement production.


On the basis of a long-term supply agreement, a new processing plant will be created on the site of the cement producer. The planning and implementation period for this is approx. 2 – 3 years. In the intervening period, an “interim plant” will be constructed on a suitable site within regional proximity, which will ensure the processing until the in-house plant begins its work.

This substitute material produced will be delivered directly to the plant of a cement producer. As this plant is able to use the SiO2 contained in the glass fibre in its product (cement), 100 % recycling is achieved.

A zero-waste process is thus successfully installed.


The project partners involved already have access to approx. 12,000 tonnes of fibre composite waste. With an estimated total quantity of 25,000 tonnes that can be collected in Germany, the challenge is ambitious but can be achieved promptly by means of the selected technology.


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