Code of ethics

We at neowa GmbH respect the laws of all the states in which we operate. When competing with others, we rely on our performance, customer focus and the quality of our products and services instead of on unlawful or ethically dubious conduct.

At neowa GmbH, we accordingly oppose all corrupt or otherwise unlawful conduct and do not tolerate such conduct. We expect our managers, employees and business partners, as well as our sales representatives, advisors and suppliers, to refrain from engaging in any kind of corrupt practice, regardless of the countries in which they operate.

All of our employees at neowa GmbH endeavour to meet the requirements of our customers reliably, fully and in a timely fashion. The trusting partnership we enjoy with our customers and ensuring that they are involved is an expression of our special customer focus. This cooperation is founded on three principles: Fairness - respect - appreciation.

Our business model is also based on three fundamental principles: Innovation - competence - quality. Both nationally and internationally, we guarantee to provide state-of-the-art solutions and services - turning our experience into competitive advantages and long-term benefits for our customers.

Our developments are always centred around our customers and their business processes. These benefit from the expertise and knowledge of the industry our team of fully qualified employees has to offer.

Our actions are characterised by our responsibility towards our customers, employees and partners, whereby we place particular emphasis on protecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of our value creation processes.



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